LRC on its First Year

The product of a vision that started last July 2016 with the help of the generous sponsors all over the world…a place of fun, scholarly works, creative ideas and recreation…Casta├▒as NHS – SHS Learning Resource Center is a place well-loved by students and teachers alike. Today, we celebrate the first anniversary of its formal opening on December 1, 2016. Happy Reading! Come to our LRC! ­čśŐ­čôÜ­čĺ╗­čô║

20171201_151412Thank you very much sponsors! It’s been a year and it’s only now that I post your names online. My gratitude to you all!

Name of Donors (Cash) Address / Hometown
Jesse Gabrido USA/Sariaya
Rhoda Nanong Lucban
Mario Gariando Manila
Jeffrey Anog Dubai/Sariaya
Bessie Regulto Makati/Sariaya
Jay Allen Villon Manila/Lucban
Khrisna Quemado Manila
Marien Blanco Manila
Ladylen Vidal Qatar/Sariaya
Ronilo Albestor Vietnam/Sariaya
Mary Jane Panaligan Macau/Sariaya
Marcel Manrique USA/Lucban
Joselito Tenorio Taiwan/Sariaya
Arlene Genove Sariaya
Shirley Conde Lucban
Adelfa Alcantara Taiwan/Sariaya
John Henry Salayo Manila/Sampaloc
Mailene Perez Dimaculangan Dubai/Sariaya
Jayson Deapera Makati/Lucban
Bernard Babat Taguig/Lucban
Richelle Delas Alas Tayabas
Rowena Coloma QC/Sariaya
Ruby Calixtro Sariaya
Judith Capuno Lucena City
Name of Book Donors Address /


Anna Leah De Castro Mercado Sariaya Fiction Books, Novels, National Geographic, Time Magazines, Textbooks, etc.
Helen Cabatbat Navotas City Fiction Books, Business Books, Novels, Magazines
Tess Tala Abo Singapore/Sariaya ChildrenÔÇÖs Books, Magazines, Brochures, Textbooks
Lynard Adrian L. Rivera Lucena City Senior High School Textbooks
Paul Clifford & Emerita Marquez / Mhey Resplandor Fajutagana Tayabas City ChildrenÔÇÖs Books, Board Games, Magazines, Fiction Books, Textbooks
John Chua Lucena City Nursing Books, Researches, Textbooks
Name of Donors (In Kind) Address /


Vice-Governor Sam Nantes Provincial Government of Quezon TV
Ignacio & Delia Regulto/ Daryl Jean and Peter Carlo Abo Sariaya Lumber, Decorations
Joie Mendoza Gunos Lucena City Decorations

Yours truly also donated some of my books, fiction books, novels, magazines, textbooks, researches, and board games with high hopes that they can be beneficial to all the students. I am also thankful to Ms. Nica Mandigma and Ms. Margie Tan because they went to the school to cover my project for a website fund sourcing article at I was very elated to see Ms. Nica’s article and Ms. Margie’s photos of me on the website.

Two computers were also donated by Development Academy of the Philippines as solicited by Sir Paul. Sir Jerson Jolo, one of the new teachers in SHS in June 2017, also became instrumental in the book donations of his former student, Lynard Adrian L. Rivera. He was also able to solicit a set of volleyball (net plus ball). Our gratitude also to the General PTA last school year. The fund collected for the GPTA Project was used to have the wall between the classroom and the Learning Resource Center.

This is how the LRC looks like right now. Big thanks to the creativity of Ms. Racquel De Torres, our volunteer LRC staff. By the way, the flat-screen TV was fixed on my classroom because the Audio-Visual Room we had last school year is now used as a classroom.


Hallelujah! Thank you Lord.

P.S. This is the original post I wrote for this project:

We are still accepting donations in any kind. Feel free to message me. Thank you very much!



Casta├▒as NHS Senior High School: Activities, Accomplishments and Aspirations

During the Career Guidance Program for Grade 10 students last Friday, I was tasked to present the Senior High School Updates of Castañas National High School. But I was wondering for a while on what updates to present so I thought of presenting the activities, accomplishments and aspirations instead.

Senior High School Updates

First, I asked the Grade 10 students on their perceptions on Senior High School. They┬áwere positive on the benefits they could gain through the program. Then I told them the program offerings of Casta├▒as NHS – Senior High School which are:

  1. Academic Track – General Academic Strand
  2. Technical-Vocational-Livelihood Track
    1. Electrical Installation and Maintenance
    2. Fish and Food Processing

I also introduced the instructors teaching at Casta├▒as SHS. So, here we are. Let’s meet the young and vibrant instructors of Casta├▒as SHS, including me of course:

Senior High School UpdatesSenior High School UpdatesSenior High School UpdatesSenior High School UpdatesSenior High School UpdatesSenior High School UpdatesSenior High School UpdatesSenior High School UpdatesSenior High School Updates


Senior High School activities aim for the holistic development of the learners in personal, intellectual, social, civic, religious, physical and moral aspects. During the first five months, we had conducted varied activities shown below.

Senior High School Updates

The orientation happened during the first three weeks of the present school year. I could say that they enjoyed the activities and prepared themselves well for the academic and skills development of senior high school.

Senior High School Updates

Senior High School Updates

The incoming Grade 11 students may not encounter the “Brgy. Hall experience” anymore since we occupy┬áthe new building right now. But I really wanted to show them how life was at the temporary place we had for three months.

Senior High School Updates

The most exciting and memorable experience the Grade 11 students had was the Acquaintance Party and Team-Building Activity held on August 4, 2016 at Oyayi. The photos show their happiness, right?

Senior High School UpdatesSenior High School UpdatesSenior High School Updates


I also presented some of the classroom activities in Oral Communication such as the group activities, mock job interview and public speaking.

Senior High School Updates

Senior High School Updates

We also participated in the Buwan ng Wika Celebration of the Junior High School. Pretty good to have runner up awards!

Senior High School Updates

As part of Personal Development, First Friday Mass is conducted monthly. Thanks to our parish priest Rev. Fr. Raffy Tolentino and Sir Paul Marquez who initiated the activity. He’s our resident pianist, too! Awesome dude, right?

Senior High School Updates

We have managed to put the two vacant hours during Friday afternoon. So we had extra-curricular activities during this period. You wanna hear SHS Choir sing? Come visit our school programs sometimes especially this December for our proposed benefit concert.

Senior High School Updates



For the first semester of the first year of the implementation of Senior High School, Castañas NHS Senior High School has accomplished modestly in terms of instruction, facilities and community involvement. We had some adjustments in the program. Nevertheless, we did what we could to accomplish some of our goals.

The first of these many goals was to occupy the new building. So, we transferred on September 2, 2016. The inauguration followed on September 9, 2016 with Congressman Vicente “Kulit” Alcala as our guest speaker.

Senior High School Updates

As soon as we transferred to the new building, the construction of the book shelves started, book donations were delivered and materials were arranged. Yet, the flat-screen TV is not yet purchased because the building is not yet fully secured. We plan to have a soft opening on the first Monday of the second semester. That is November 7. I hope we can prepare everything before the said date. Crossed fingers! (For your donations, please see this link:

Senior High School UpdatesSenior High School Updates

The soon-to-furnish laboratories of EIM and FFP only contain a few tools, materials, and equipment now. We hope we can have the basic resources soon.

Senior High School Updates

Senior High School Updates

We also had some equipment available such as ray tube TV, projector, refrigerator and printer. These pretty much are our helpful buddies especially the printer.

I also showed the ID cards of our SHS students. Sir Paul is also talented in layouting, eh? Good job Sir!

Senior High School Updates

We still don’t have the water system. So we need to fetch water manually. This equipment was a gift from our municipal mayor.

Senior High School Updates



Casta├▒as NHS Senior High School strives to equip the students the necessary tools, materials and equipment needed in doing practical activities in Electrical Installation and Maintenance and Food and Fish Processing. Likewise, providing learning materials and equipment necessary for academic undertakings is also part of the goals.

For the EIM / FFP Laboratories, we plan to solicit from stakeholders the needed tools, materials and equipment for these laboratories. Meanwhile, the homeroom projects of EIM and FFP are boards for EIM and kitchen tables for FFP.

For the Learning Resource Center / Audio-Visual Room, as I have said earlier, a┬áflat screen TV will be purchased before the second semester starts.┬áSound system is also requested from a private organization. ┬ŤWe also hope to have a sala set / table set for the LRC.┬á┬ŤAdditional materials for the LRC/AVR will also be outsourced.

We are telling these to you so you can join with us in praying for all of these to happen. I hope this Gava website also fulfills its mission to help us. (Please see this link,

One of the fund-raising activities we plan to have this December is a benefit concert entitled ÔÇťThe Reason for the SeasonÔÇŁ.┬áWe are really praying very hard for the approval of this event. The proceeds of the concert will be used to purchase tools, materials and equipment for EIM and FFP Laboratories. Learning materials will also be procured.

When I watch Minute to Win It, the idea of joining the show always crosses my mind. To win a million in the show can be very helpful not only to my family but also to the school where I am teaching. I am really willing to buy the basic tools, materials and equipment needed from my winnings. (Do you know how to join the show, anyone?)

Though we only have the first semester to finish this Friday, October 21, I can say that the first five months of teaching at Castañas Senior High School is one challenging yet fun roller coaster ride. We might not have the necessary resources right now but we still have the rest of the school year to do our best to provide for the students. I hope anyone reading this may also consider giving a hand. Thank you for reading this entry, too! God bless us all!

Signing offand going home at this minute,

Titser Donna



Wanted: Donors for LRC/AVR

I am working on a project. This project aims to broaden the perspectives of the learners in different fields as they can explore various learning materials in a place where they can be free to ask and be creative. You might think it’s a library. But I prefer to call it a learning resource center. Plus a flat screen TV and it’s an audio-visual room combined.

But there’s a big problem. I don’t have money for this project. The DepEd fund allotted for Casta├▒as NHS – Senior High School would not be sufficient for the expenses in establishing an audio-visual room and a learning resource center. So, I am writing this to appeal to good-hearted donors out there.

You may donate any amount or anything that can help in building this project. Be it a book, a cabinet, an electric fan, a table, etc. Anything that is from your generous hearts would be appreciated.

If you would contribute some amount, the first thing we would buy is a flat-screen TV. Whether it’s 24 inches which costs almost P10,000.00 or 50 inches which can cost from P25,000.00 to P50,000.00 (SOURCE:, the viewing experience is far more satisfying than watching from my 15″ laptop screen or the pale view from the old projector of my new co-teacher (peace Sir Paul!).

So why not a projector instead of flat screen TV? The idea here is to fix the equipment on the wall. The more frequent it is carried around, the more it may suffer from damages. And according to my students, they appreciate the color better from my laptop than from a projector.

It has always been my dream to put up a community library or a place where books are read, ideas are shared, dreams are woven. Now that I am teaching in my community, I really want to pursue this mission to help the youngsters build their dreams and ambitions. In this learning resource center/audio-visual room, our students would find a place where they can explore things beyond the ordinary walls of a formal classroom. Here they can be creative, they can think ideas out of the box, they can make a lot of things.

That’s why I write this post. I am looking for donors for this project. And if you’re reading this, I hope you will be the one I am looking for.

Friends, you may contact me personally to chip in your donations. Or you may contact me through my cellphone # (09305797848). If you wish to send in donations through a bank account, this is the joint account we opened for this cause:

Donna C Regulto and Paul Clifford N Marquez


SM Lucena BDO

Thank you for taking time to read this! And THANK YOU IN ADVANCE!


Proposal Page 1

Proposal Page 2

Solicitation letter copy

Teaching in my Community

Three years ago, I went back to my town to teach high school students in my alma mater, Canda National High School. It was a decision made from a six-month sabbatical leave from teaching at Southern Luzon State University Laboratory Schools for more than four years. Just so lucky that I fitted in a vacant position left by my former English teacher and adviser, Mrs. Ma. Jennie L. Sayson. Those three years went fast and now I have moved into another school nearer my house. I am now teaching at Casta├▒as NHS – Senior High School.

Why did I choose to teach in the community where I live? My new school is even┬ánearer to my house. First reason, of course, is convenience. Since my father was the one to drive for me and fetch me to and from Canda NHS, I had to wait for his available time. I felt the burden on my father’s shoulders. I practiced how to drive our motorcycle though but I had a little accident. Moreover, the travel from our house in Limbon to Canda included passing by the river. So, it’s really tough especially in wet season. There were times we slipped and my father’s hands got injured. Rainy season dipped our motorcycle in more twisted fate because the river flooded so we needed to travel through the Eco-tourism Road sometimes. Or, I just needed to squeeze myself among passengers in not-so-safe trolleys travelling on slippery railroads.

Secondly, there was this desire to know the people near my place better. I was an SK councilor in 2002 to 2007. That was the last time I made some connections to our local folks. I don’t know now the teenagers who are the young children when I was visible in our local barangay. In transferring to the school where they go and learn, I believe that I can serve better and make meaningful connections with the people in my community.

The third reason is personal. Since my Ate Diane died, I long for longer family time and want to spend more time at home. Since my school now is nearer, I can go home anytime and in no time.

Deciding to teach at Casta├▒as NHS seemed to be hasty decision especially to my principal at Canda NHS. But I had the later part of May to spend in coming up with this decision. Teaching in my community is, I think, a good choice and if given the chance, I would like to enjoy the rest of my teaching career here.

CamSur visits Canda NHS – Senior High

Almost one hundred DepEd key officials, supervisors, and teachers from Division of Camarines Sur of Region V visited Canda National High School today. They looked on how Senior High School Program is implemented in our small school. They were curious on how a regular high school came up with enough courage to volunteer in modelling the proposed Senior High School Program. They also wanted to know the strengths and weaknesses of the program and most importantly, how the whole Senior High School struggled to continue despite the shortcomings and lacks in different aspects.

It was not the first time that teachers from other school bench-marked on the SHS Modelling Program in our school but it was the first time that a whole division from another region came to visit our remote high school. Thus, it took us a really huge preparation not only for the Senior High School Department but for the whole school as well.

The highlight of the visit was the presentation of the humble beginnings of the modelling and early implementation program. It was our pride to say that our school was the first regular public school in the whole Region IV-A CALABARZON to respond to the call of modelling the implementation. In Quezon Province, there are two other model schools but they are specialized high schools who are enjoined to implement early.

The proponent of the Senior High School Modelling Program was Mr. Jessie V. Vasquez, the former principal of the school. With a very positive outlook and a strong sense of being a risk taker, Sir Jessie accepted the challenge bravely. At his side in taking the very first steps toward the grant of permit to implement was Mrs. Marita Resurreccion, designated Senior High School Coordinator. The two of them successfully negotiated with the partner higher education institution and partner industries to sign the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) on this academic cooperation.

Campaign through text, word by mouth, ÔÇśbandilyoÔÇÖ, radio advertisement, and others were done. Everyone helped to disseminate the information to interested high school graduates and potential enrolees for the program. When it started in June 2013, ┬áthere were many students who enrolled but withdrew after some time. The remaining students were only 28. They were the first graduates in March 2015. WeÔÇÖre proud to say that they were all employed in different industries and one of them continued higher education at Computer Systems Technological College, Inc.

During the orientation program, I was the only instructor to present the best practices in teaching. I have taught Oral Communication and Research. I presented the photos of the activities conducted in these subjects and answered some inquiries. I feel elated sharing the strategies and methods I used during my teaching in consideration of the 21st Century Skills (┬ŚDigital Literacy,┬á┬ŚInventive Thinking,┬á┬ŚEffective Communication,┬á┬ŚHigh Productivity┬á– NCREL & Metiri┬á Group, 2003) and the exits of the K to 12 Curriculum (Higher Education,┬á┬ŚMiddle Level Skills Development,┬á┬ŚEntrepreneurship,┬á┬ŚEmployment┬á-Department of Education).

Some of these are presented below:

Practices and Strategies in Teaching in Senior High School Model

Practices and Strategies in Teaching in Senior High School Model

Practices and Strategies in Teaching in Senior High School Model

Practices and Strategies in Teaching in Senior High School Model

Practices and Strategies in Teaching in Senior High School ModelPractices and Strategies in Teaching in Senior High School ModelPractices and Strategies in Teaching in Senior High School Model

I ended my presentation with this evaluative comment on the whole program:

“┬ŚSenior High School Modelling Program equipped high school graduates with work skills and positive attitudes to go on with life more productively.┬á┬ŚAs an instructor, I got the best opportunity to plow on a fertile land of aspiring students who want to change their lives and to become part of the labor force.┬á┬ŚDespite of all the challenges we faced during the first two years of implementation, I still believe that SHSMP has marked a difference to the lives of the first batch of graduates.”

The CamSur visit was made possible through coordination with the Division Office of Quezon. We were glad that they mentioned positive comments after the visit according to Sir Don. This simply was a testament of the hard work and dedication of the people behind this program. ­čÖé