Vision in a Cover

In March 2013, I had a principal with a strong vision for Canda National High School. Mr. Jessie V. Vasquez requested me to help put his vision in the yearbook cover. He had actually challenged me to be friends with Adobe Photoshop. That time, I was just starting to explore the program.

So it was a collaboration with the principal himself, Mark Glenn Beniten, a Fourth Year student who is a great artist, and Mr. Janlo Robil, my ever reliable friend (who is an Ateneo Professor). After the conceptualization and drawing and digital enhancement, the final product shown below was used as the cover of the yearbook.


The original sketches by Glenn:

Janlo Robil put the colors. I only finalized it with photos and other digital enhancements.

I was so happy to see the yearbook with this cover! And of course, so blissful to see that a vision was put in a cover to be seen by all.


CamSur visits Canda NHS – Senior High

Almost one hundred DepEd key officials, supervisors, and teachers from Division of Camarines Sur of Region V visited Canda National High School today. They looked on how Senior High School Program is implemented in our small school. They were curious on how a regular high school came up with enough courage to volunteer in modelling the proposed Senior High School Program. They also wanted to know the strengths and weaknesses of the program and most importantly, how the whole Senior High School struggled to continue despite the shortcomings and lacks in different aspects.

It was not the first time that teachers from other school bench-marked on the SHS Modelling Program in our school but it was the first time that a whole division from another region came to visit our remote high school. Thus, it took us a really huge preparation not only for the Senior High School Department but for the whole school as well.

The highlight of the visit was the presentation of the humble beginnings of the modelling and early implementation program. It was our pride to say that our school was the first regular public school in the whole Region IV-A CALABARZON to respond to the call of modelling the implementation. In Quezon Province, there are two other model schools but they are specialized high schools who are enjoined to implement early.

The proponent of the Senior High School Modelling Program was Mr. Jessie V. Vasquez, the former principal of the school. With a very positive outlook and a strong sense of being a risk taker, Sir Jessie accepted the challenge bravely. At his side in taking the very first steps toward the grant of permit to implement was Mrs. Marita Resurreccion, designated Senior High School Coordinator. The two of them successfully negotiated with the partner higher education institution and partner industries to sign the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) on this academic cooperation.

Campaign through text, word by mouth, ‘bandilyo’, radio advertisement, and others were done. Everyone helped to disseminate the information to interested high school graduates and potential enrolees for the program. When it started in June 2013,  there were many students who enrolled but withdrew after some time. The remaining students were only 28. They were the first graduates in March 2015. We’re proud to say that they were all employed in different industries and one of them continued higher education at Computer Systems Technological College, Inc.

During the orientation program, I was the only instructor to present the best practices in teaching. I have taught Oral Communication and Research. I presented the photos of the activities conducted in these subjects and answered some inquiries. I feel elated sharing the strategies and methods I used during my teaching in consideration of the 21st Century Skills (—Digital Literacy, —Inventive Thinking, —Effective Communication, —High Productivity – NCREL & Metiri  Group, 2003) and the exits of the K to 12 Curriculum (Higher Education, —Middle Level Skills Development, —Entrepreneurship, —Employment -Department of Education).

Some of these are presented below:

Practices and Strategies in Teaching in Senior High School Model

Practices and Strategies in Teaching in Senior High School Model

Practices and Strategies in Teaching in Senior High School Model

Practices and Strategies in Teaching in Senior High School Model

Practices and Strategies in Teaching in Senior High School ModelPractices and Strategies in Teaching in Senior High School ModelPractices and Strategies in Teaching in Senior High School Model

I ended my presentation with this evaluative comment on the whole program:

“—Senior High School Modelling Program equipped high school graduates with work skills and positive attitudes to go on with life more productively. —As an instructor, I got the best opportunity to plow on a fertile land of aspiring students who want to change their lives and to become part of the labor force. —Despite of all the challenges we faced during the first two years of implementation, I still believe that SHSMP has marked a difference to the lives of the first batch of graduates.”

The CamSur visit was made possible through coordination with the Division Office of Quezon. We were glad that they mentioned positive comments after the visit according to Sir Don. This simply was a testament of the hard work and dedication of the people behind this program. 🙂



A New Beginning

“Love the work you cannot leave and leave the work you cannot love.” – Sir Jessie Vasquez

 Jessie Vasquez

I reported today at Canda National High School as a permanent replacement to my high school class adviser, Mrs. Jennie L. Sayson, who is going to retire at an early age. This marks a new beginning to me as I will become a public school teacher in our rural high school. I arrived at the school a little later than the time when the flag was raised.

At 8:15 am, I was oriented by the principal with the ethics and expectations from a public school teacher. I gathered my thoughts and was able to reflect on the values I should have as a teacher. The Magna Carta for Teachers and the Code of Ethics are being reviewed before I could start my first day. What a start, isn’t it?

Then he toured me around the campus and introduced me to the teachers. Some I know from high school, some I don’t. Afterwards, he introduced me to the classroom substitute teacher for endorsement of the teaching load. Mrs. Remily Magpantay showed me the office of the Philippine Red Cross and gave me the schedule and helped me in planning for the upcoming fourth grading period. She is also kind to volunteer in helping me with matters on graduation and school forms.

I saw my high school teachers and chatted with them. They told me I was lucky but I believed I am blessed. According to Sir Vasquez, I shall be a blessing to the people around me, too.

During the day, Mrs. Magpantay introduced me to the class I will be holding until March. Then the students continued the assigned tasks. I just observed and supervised them. My first formal teaching will happen after I finish my documents.

In the afternoon, the teachers were gathered for a faculty meeting. I was then introduced to them formally. I caught them smiling specially those teachers I have come to know when I was a high school student. Some faces who were unfamiliar also gave their warm smiles. I went home elated thinking about the exciting things to happen in the next days.

Faculty Meeting

Sir Jessie Vasquez, Principal II, presides the faculty meeting.


Faculty Meeting 2

I am now part of the faculty of Canda National High School as a replacement to Mrs. Jennie L. Sayson  who chose to retire early.