My College Sponsors

Before I sleep tonight, I would like to remember my college sponsors, Svea and Scott Fraser from USA. I lost contact with Ms. Svea four years ago but I always remember them sweetly just like now. I am forever grateful to their generosity to me. They provided my weekly allowance of around $8-10 consistently for four years (June 2004 – March 2008). I cannot repay them and I even don’t have the chance to meet them personally. But I always believe that wherever I go, whatever I do, it’s my mission to share what I have to needy people as they did to me. I am also very thankful to Sr. Anne and to Tita Vits for their support during my college years. I hope you’re always healthy and happy. I suddenly miss you.

Aug 18, 2016 10:58pm


Coaching Sports Team

One of my students tactlessly told me, “Hindi mo pa kasi nararanasan mag-coach Ma’am kaya hindi n’yo naiintindihan”. When I insisted that I had experienced coaching sports team, she said “baka Ma’am walang puso”.  These statements were made during a conversation on whether they could watch the volleyball games in Talaan Covered Court later. I said they could be absent from their classes and then face the consequences after. I never said that they couldn’t but they wanted to be excused for cutting the classes.

Deep inside, I was agitated. Because it was said with conviction as if this student has known me since I started teaching in 2008. But you know, some students really are smart aleck. I may forgive her in thinking that I don’t care but I am reminded of the faces of my previous students whom I assisted and “coached”  at Southern Luzon State University Laboratory Schools.

I was not a great coach or trainer in playing volleyball. But I did everything I could to help them win games during Lucban Town Meets. I did care for the welfare of the players. I even ran with them during training. I learned the sports. I ate with them. I shared the tears and sweat. I made friends with these young people. These I did “with a heart”.


Town Meet 2009


Town Meet 2009

Mindlessly, this student made a remark that could hurt. I could make testaments of the falsity of her statements but I was not so sure of what a good coaching is. I could not take credits for my team’s victories since they were trained athletes since elementary years. I could just make myself available during practice and actual games. It was not my specialization but as a teacher, when a task is assigned, I would do everything I can to fulfill my mission.

And I do believe I had the “heart” this kid was talking about. Whether she reads this or not, I hope she would be more careful in her words. Lastly, I would like to commend all the coaches and players out there battling in a sports ground. Special commendation to all teachers who “coach” not only during the games but also outside the courts.

22 Messages for My Best Friend Celebrating Her 22nd Birthday Today

1. Be healthy. Invest in your physical, mental and emotional wellness.
2. Stay beautiful inside and out. 

3. Set clear goals for your career.
4. Read books a lot.

5. Be more organized especially in your closet. Peace.

6. Cry when you have to. It is cleansing.

7. Be more forgiving. It is one way to have healthy relationships.

8. Make more boy friends. I mean, friendships with good guys. Hehe.

9. Always be compassionate.

10. Love your parents and brothers above all people, next to God.

11. Love yourself even more.

12. Deal with your shortcomings positively.

13. Always have something new to learn.

14. Enjoy being single.

15. Be hardworking but be wise as well.

16. Do not be afraid to ask.

17. Have a clear financial plan.

18. Make more friends from among different ages.

19. Smile every morning or the moment you wake up.

20. Give your best to everything you do. If you fail, that’s okay. You’d learn anyway.

21. Have time for self-reflection.

22. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Let us celebrate birthdays until we get old like the last photo in this collage. Loveyou.

Final Collage

The People Who Cried Tsunami

Chaotic panicking and massive evacuation have just happened right here at our barangay and the nearby barangays at the middle of the night because of a FALSE ALARM OF TSUNAMI. Because of the widespread exodus of the ‘Glenda-stricken’ people, the road to the town proper was packed with fully loaded trucks, jeepneys, tricycles, and motorcycles. Many were screaming urging everyone to move and run to the town proper to find refuge and to secure themselves against the TSUNAMI.

At around 10:00 pm, people were noisily walking at the barangay road, clan by clan, with the things they could snatch and bring along. Some were riding trucks, vans, jeepneys, tricycles, motorcycles The noise woke us up and my father urgently asked what’s happening. The horrible news spread like an icy fire bringing heat and tension to the heart and chill and nervousness to the whole body. Then, as a father who was just thinking of our safety, he urged us to move and walk towards where the people were heading to. We could not just stare there and wait for the TSUNAMI so we, too, panicked and moved along with the people and the vehicles. Because we only have one motorcycle which can only carry my father, my mother, and a cousin, the 5 of us siblings (Dulce is in Lucban) walked rapidly. Along our way, we saw the faces of more people who were getting more afraid minute by minute.

As we were almost near the next barangay, we confirmed the news to Marion De Mesa Saligay, Executive Assistant of Mayor Boyet Masilang, and found out that all the pandemonium was just a FALSE ALARM. Only then that we felt some relief.


But there are many things that were TRUE. Totoo ang HILAKBOT ng mga tao. The ‘people who cried tsunami’ were scared in the highest level that no amount of logic or scientific explanation could be useful in the moment. Plus, the barangays here have no electricity because of the damages brought by Typhoon Glenda.

At the end, hindi mo masisisi ang mga tao sa naging reaksyon nila. Ang daming kwento, ang daming natutunan, ang daming nangyari.

Pasalamat pa din dahil FALSE ALARM. Pinapatnubayan pa rin tayo ng Diyos.


Executive Assistant Marion Saligay is shown here documenting the people who evacuated from our barangay.

Photo by: Titser Donna, July 22, 2014, 11:25 pm


Mr. Artemio Delfino, former Brgy. Kagawad, is shown here in his wheel chair. His family rode the truck towards the town proper then alighted from the vehicle when we stopped it. The van at the background is owned by Brgy. Captain Norberto Arandia. Together with his family, they were riding towards the town proper then we stopped them telling them that the TSUNAMI was not true.

Photo by: Titser Donna, July 22, 2014, 11:25 pm


This photo shows the vehicles (a jeep and a tricycle) that we stopped when they passed near the edge of our barangay.

Photo by: Titser Donna, July 22, 2014, 11:25 pm