“Only Seventeen”

How does it feel to be 17 in 2017?

I can still remember how it felt when I was 17. I was so clumsy yet determined, so teeny yet focused on my goal, so young yet full of dreams. During summer in 2003, when I was 17, I spent the summer finishing my OJT in my two-year course. I wanted to work at SJA as a canteen personnel came June so I needed to finish the OJT first. I was positive I would get the job/scholarship. And then in my heart, I knew I could. The heavens poured out this blessing and I was working, got my SSS, when I was 17.

Sometimes, I imagine how it feels to be 17, vacationing in some beach out there, with cliques and social media. Sometimes, I imagine myself being 17 again and enjoying the best time of my life as a teenager. Sometimes, I imagine to be 17 and young and vibrant.

Now, I can only feel I am 17 because the calendar tells another number.


Happy Birthday, Dulce!

To a happy soul, a cool Science teacher, a KPOP/KDrama super fan, an arts enthusiast, and of course, our sweetest bunso, HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

I can still remember the day you were born in our small house and the moments you were growing up and giving us so much joy. You have always been our dolce, loving and joyful sister and of course, a good daughter to our parents.

Thank you very much for always being a ray of sunshine to all of us! I hope you enjoy your day with so much love from all of us! Happy birthday Dulce! Dulce 21

Feb 09, 2017 5:59am

My College Sponsors

Before I sleep tonight, I would like to remember my college sponsors, Svea and Scott Fraser from USA. I lost contact with Ms. Svea four years ago but I always remember them sweetly just like now. I am forever grateful to their generosity to me. They provided my weekly allowance of around $8-10 consistently for four years (June 2004 – March 2008). I cannot repay them and I even don’t have the chance to meet them personally. But I always believe that wherever I go, whatever I do, it’s my mission to share what I have to needy people as they did to me. I am also very thankful to Sr. Anne and to Tita Vits for their support during my college years. I hope you’re always healthy and happy. I suddenly miss you.

Aug 18, 2016 10:58pm

Coaching Sports Team

One of my students tactlessly told me, “Hindi mo pa kasi nararanasan mag-coach Ma’am kaya hindi n’yo naiintindihan”. When I insisted that I had experienced coaching sports team, she said “baka Ma’am walang puso”.  These statements were made during a conversation on whether they could watch the volleyball games in Talaan Covered Court later. I said they could be absent from their classes and then face the consequences after. I never said that they couldn’t but they wanted to be excused for cutting the classes.

Deep inside, I was agitated. Because it was said with conviction as if this student has known me since I started teaching in 2008. But you know, some students really are smart aleck. I may forgive her in thinking that I don’t care but I am reminded of the faces of my previous students whom I assisted and “coached”  at Southern Luzon State University Laboratory Schools.

I was not a great coach or trainer in playing volleyball. But I did everything I could to help them win games during Lucban Town Meets. I did care for the welfare of the players. I even ran with them during training. I learned the sports. I ate with them. I shared the tears and sweat. I made friends with these young people. These I did “with a heart”.


Town Meet 2009


Town Meet 2009

Mindlessly, this student made a remark that could hurt. I could make testaments of the falsity of her statements but I was not so sure of what a good coaching is. I could not take credits for my team’s victories since they were trained athletes since elementary years. I could just make myself available during practice and actual games. It was not my specialization but as a teacher, when a task is assigned, I would do everything I can to fulfill my mission.

And I do believe I had the “heart” this kid was talking about. Whether she reads this or not, I hope she would be more careful in her words. Lastly, I would like to commend all the coaches and players out there battling in a sports ground. Special commendation to all teachers who “coach” not only during the games but also outside the courts.

Lessons Learned Over Jobee’s Table by Shiela Niña Rea

I wonder which of these were realized in the past two years. Ana now has Sir Chad and Euana. Shiela and Jerome have said the BIG YES and now waiting for their little one. Daryl and Peter are tying the knot soon. And I have found the “One”. Well, these things still ring true. My favorite is still #1. Period.

Lessons Learned Over Jobee’s Table by Shiela Niña Rea (January 10, 2014)

  1. A school day is best relieved without talking about the school.
  2. Readiness is a choice, not a condition.
  3. Men are men. Period.
  4. Women are undefined (?).
  5. You won’t find anything if you’re doing nothing. Do something, NOW.
  6. Daig ng malandi ang maganda.
  7. True love does not rush.
  8. There is no exemption in love; everything is absolute.
  9. People have good, concrete plans; but God has the best, real plans.
  10. Nothing happens by chance.
  11. Life is made by choices. Kaya walang ‘hindi nagkatagpo’.
  12. Therefore, readiness is equivalent to happiness. They are both made by choice and acquired through acceptance.
  13. Health is wealth.
  14. Anything worth having is worth waiting for.
  15. Moving on takes time… a very long time.
  16. Stepping up is a different thing.
  17. When you have nothing to say, it’s really hard to talk.
  18. Yes and No are the hardest answers to give.
  19. For teachers like Ate Donna, April is a good month to tie the knot. Less stress, more honeymoons.
  20. Nothing can stop Ate Ana from pushing that summer goal and that 2015 big day! Amen.
  21. Pride is pride. The truth is: We all have it.
  22. One thing a woman cannot do in this gender sensitive society:  Be in a serious relationship (‘yong tipong girl ang manliligaw).
  23. There is hope in CLP.
  24. Remember to forget; forget to remember.
  25. The nearest is sometimes the farthest.
  26. Man is a social being, his choices are affected by the people around him. (no rice, spag lahat)
  27. If you want something to happen, nothing can stop you from making it happen. The same goes if you don’t.
  28. To some, delaying is a euphemistic way of saying no. To others, it’s a preparation for a BIG YES!
  29. All bf-gf relationships have an ending. Some in church, others in trash.
  30. Time flies. Be glad you’re getting older.
  31. Women have a knack for details; in the same way that they are nostalgic.
  32. Walang hindi nadadaan sa mabuting usapan.
  33. Masarap tlaga ang fries isawsaw sa choco-sundae.
  34. We don’t always have to wait for the New Year to make the resolutions.
  35. Every day can be your birthday. Thanks for this special girls’ date, Ate Ana, Ate Donna and DJ! 🙂



The Importance of Communication

Communication is at the core of every relationship. When two people deeply love each other, they will try to communicate, negotiate or even compromise just to meet at the middle. When one is silent and doesn’t want to voice out his/her thoughts while the other one doesn’t even want to listen or reach out, communication then breaks down and eventually the relationship is ruined. Quality time to cuddle and talk is really essential to make the relationship stronger. Let’s spend a good deal of our precious time to communicate with open hearts. Good night.


“Spiritual Understanding”

Noong Martes ng gabi, napanaginipan ko si Ate Diana. Naglalakad daw kami nina Dina sa kalsada papunta sa bahay namin galing ilaya.

Pabirong tinanong ni Dina kung si Ate daw ba ay magaan na dahil kaluluwa na siya. Sumagot si Ate, masaya at nakangiti, “Oo. Wala na pati akong sakit. At hindi na ako hirap”.

Nang nasa tapat na kami ng bahay namin, tinanong ko naman siya na kung hindi ba siya nagulat nang malaman niyang wala na siya sa katawan niya. Kumbaga, gusto kong malaman ang damdamin niya sa kanyang paglisan. Sumagot uli siya nang mahinahon, “Hindi. Ako naman ay may spiritual understanding.”

Tugon ko sa kanya ay tanong din. Kung nauunawaan niya ang kanyang pagkamatay, paano ‘yung mga kaluluwang nananatili sa lupa at hindi pa umuuwi? Hindi ba nila alam o hindi nila matanggap ang kanilang kamatayan? “Oo, ganun ‘yun.”, wika ni Ate.

Nabago na ang lokasyon ng aking panaginip. Nakita ko namang kasama ni Ate si Marion. Nakangiting sinasabi niya kay Sir Nelson ng CSTC na kasama niya si Ate at siya lang ang nakakakita. May kinuha sila ‘dun at umalis na. Naputol na din ang aking panaginip.

Pilit kong minememorize sa isip ko habang ako ay natutulog ‘yung “spiritual understanding” na sinabi ni Ate. Baka kasi makalimutan ko. Kaya habang natutulog ako nang gabing iyon, napapanaginipan ko naman na ikinukuwento ko Kay Nanay ang pagpapakita ni Ate sa aking panaginip. Sa ganitong paraan, hindi ko nalimutan ang mga eksena sa aking panaginip. Kadalasan kasi eh paggising ko nalilimutan ko ang mga detalye at eksaktong sinabi.

Ilang umaga na din kaming gumigising at ilang gabi nang natutulog na wala na si Ate. Wala na talaga siya sa aming piling. Malungkot at nakakaiyak pa din minsan. Pero talagang pagtanggap lamang ang makakapagpalaya sa labis na pagdadalamhati. ‘Yung winika ni Ate sa aking panaginip ay patunay na siya ay maluwag ang damdamin sa kanyang paglisan, masaya, hindi na nahihirapan. Nasa tahanan na siya ng Panginoon.

Bukas, ika-40 araw na ng kanyang pagkamatay. Ang bilis. Ang iksi ng kanyang buhay. Sobrang miss ka na namin Ate.