Got to Blog it: The Wor(l)d at My Fingertips

Hello World and the Cyber Space!


Every now and then, there’s the urge in me to write my thoughts and opinions on the things happening around me. Not to the extent that I would bash or post hate status, I just simply got this strong feeling to say or write, or in any way possible, express my appreciation, concerns, or reflections on my experiences and those of others as I perceive them.

Anyway, this is not my first blog nor my first sign-up on a social networking sites. I had my Friendster account and blog posts back then when it’s the most popular site for meeting friends online. When it’s time to shift to Facebook and Twitter, I signed up and started to post, share, and tweet (check out my Facebook account, and follow me on Twitter and Instagram). After all, this is 21st century – the Facebook generation, the era of social media, the digital age – when everyone’s checking in, posting updates, and screaming their thoughts and feelings all over the web! Lol.

I just felt I’ve got to blog.  Why? Read on.

  • Initially, it’s to express my thoughts which I could not contain on my cranium. When there’s something my mind is puzzling over and there’s no one I could talk to, I automatically grab a pen and pencil and write or even draw my deepest thoughts. The loose papers are over my personal boxes up to now. And my diaries in high school are still preserved. Those are my thoughts anyway and it’s always a fulfilling journey to go back to my teeny bitsy moments and to realize how matured I have become through the years. However, blogging would be the modern way to do this as this could be read by all people – whether involved or not – who could react to any blog I post. This isn’t private journal anymore and that marks the difference. But, as everyone and everything changes, I can’t be left behind. Therefore, I’m embracing this innovation and putting the “wor(l)d at my fingertips”.
  • One good purpose of this blog is to share the best of my experiences and interests as an educator and a lifelong student. As I traverse this path towards being an educator, I’ve encountered tough times, succeeded (and failed) to achieve my goals, and got stuck on crossroads on whether to go or retreat. Many times over I’ve also loved and experienced being loved by my students. This is the bliss of being a teacher which I hope to share through this small space. This also explains why I put the title “TO TEACH IS TO LOVE” on this blog…(I’d write another one for this soon).
  • Another compelling motive behind this blog is having the space to enhance my writing skill. I believe I am a writer. Not just only for lessons plans and quizzes and anything technical like theses. I was a writer way back in high school but failed to hone it in college because of various reasons (but I don’t regret it as I’d done theater anyway). And now, I’d like to juggle into words again to weave stories and to share creative write-ups to the world especially to my students. This would be my escape from the very technical things that I do as a teacher. 😉

Blogging is everywhere – empowering writers and making way for web diaries, travel blogs, and everything-under-the-sun creative outputs. I hope to contribute and to inspire readers through my posts. Feel free to read and comment as well as share your experiences, too.

Thank you and welcome to my blog!