“Pirates of the Silicon Valley”: A Short Review

“Pirates of the Silicon Valley” highlights the innovative minds of computer geniuses and artists. The film also shows that highly creative people have extreme polarisation in terms of temper and emotions. On other hand, these people make things happen no matter how hard and impossible things maybe. They are greatly motivated to succeed. And because Steve Jobs lived and Bill Gates has become so obsessed with computers, we have Apples in our hands and Windows on our lap. With twists and turns, lies and deceptions, they have succeeded in making the world go round through codes and systems. Truly amazing people with brilliant minds!

Aug 24, 2016 10:38pm


“Starting All Over Again”

“Ours began in a most unexciting way, as friends. Now, our love may be quiet and boring but it is sure. With the right amount of trust and love, and even an allowance for mistake. I love him Ginny and in love, there is no fear.” – Patty

Star Cinema’s Starting All Over Again offers a mature ending. Yey! Buti na lang. Not a fairy tale one which is always expected by people. It is a bite of reality. The reasons why we need to bump again with people whom we had unfinished business with shall be revealed only by facing that person, yourself in the past, and the pain and joy that were there between the two of you; not to change the future to continue and start all over again, but to put closure to what has been, to choose whom you wanted yourself to be, to get in touch with your heartaches, and finally heal them by forgiving yourself and the person who inflicted so much pain in you.

Just what I did. At least I knew the answers to the questions never asked, but always bothered me. Starting all over again with my life, with a new me, with the person I wish to love for the rest of your life.