Lessons Learned Over Jobee’s Table by Shiela Niña Rea

I wonder which of these were realized in the past two years. Ana now has Sir Chad and Euana. Shiela and Jerome have said the BIG YES and now waiting for their little one. Daryl and Peter are tying the knot soon. And I have found the “One”. Well, these things still ring true. My favorite is still #1. Period.

Lessons Learned Over Jobee’s Table by Shiela Niña Rea (January 10, 2014)

  1. A school day is best relieved without talking about the school.
  2. Readiness is a choice, not a condition.
  3. Men are men. Period.
  4. Women are undefined (?).
  5. You won’t find anything if you’re doing nothing. Do something, NOW.
  6. Daig ng malandi ang maganda.
  7. True love does not rush.
  8. There is no exemption in love; everything is absolute.
  9. People have good, concrete plans; but God has the best, real plans.
  10. Nothing happens by chance.
  11. Life is made by choices. Kaya walang ‘hindi nagkatagpo’.
  12. Therefore, readiness is equivalent to happiness. They are both made by choice and acquired through acceptance.
  13. Health is wealth.
  14. Anything worth having is worth waiting for.
  15. Moving on takes time… a very long time.
  16. Stepping up is a different thing.
  17. When you have nothing to say, it’s really hard to talk.
  18. Yes and No are the hardest answers to give.
  19. For teachers like Ate Donna, April is a good month to tie the knot. Less stress, more honeymoons.
  20. Nothing can stop Ate Ana from pushing that summer goal and that 2015 big day! Amen.
  21. Pride is pride. The truth is: We all have it.
  22. One thing a woman cannot do in this gender sensitive society:  Be in a serious relationship (‘yong tipong girl ang manliligaw).
  23. There is hope in CLP.
  24. Remember to forget; forget to remember.
  25. The nearest is sometimes the farthest.
  26. Man is a social being, his choices are affected by the people around him. (no rice, spag lahat)
  27. If you want something to happen, nothing can stop you from making it happen. The same goes if you don’t.
  28. To some, delaying is a euphemistic way of saying no. To others, it’s a preparation for a BIG YES!
  29. All bf-gf relationships have an ending. Some in church, others in trash.
  30. Time flies. Be glad you’re getting older.
  31. Women have a knack for details; in the same way that they are nostalgic.
  32. Walang hindi nadadaan sa mabuting usapan.
  33. Masarap tlaga ang fries isawsaw sa choco-sundae.
  34. We don’t always have to wait for the New Year to make the resolutions.
  35. Every day can be your birthday. Thanks for this special girls’ date, Ate Ana, Ate Donna and DJ! 🙂




On Love

To love is a constant decision. Love is not simply an emotion that fades away after some time. It goes beyond the distance and time. It is deeper than skin and physical attributes. It forgives and gives chances. It listens and understands. And everyday, you make the decision to love. Beyond expectations, without prejudices, loving patiently, unconditionally.

Nov 24, 2014 4:12am

You get attracted by the physical appearance. You fall in love with the character.