About Titser Donna

Hi! I am Ms. Donna Regulto. I am a public school teacher in a far-flung high school in Sariaya, Quezon, Philippines. I say far-flung because our school is located at a small barangay separated by two rivers from the town proper. Every time there is heavy rain, we get chills in our spines that the rivers may overflow and we get stranded. We have an option, though, that is to ride the ‘trolley’ to get to the barangay road without crossing the rivers. Well, this is where our school is located and we get used to going to and fro our school.

As a government employee, I get paid by the taxes of the people of the Republic of the Philippines. Therefore, I am a public servant and I am a proud one.

I want my students to call me Titser (Teacher) Donna, not Madam or Ma’am, since all other professionals such as businessman, managers, employers are called as such. I got this wisdom from Titser Choy (Juancho Babista), my professor in college, who argued that Madam is a very generic address so why not let us be called Teacher before our names only teachers can do this.


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