“Only Seventeen”

How does it feel to be 17 in 2017?

I can still remember how it felt when I was 17. I was so clumsy yet determined, so teeny yet focused on my goal, so young yet full of dreams. During summer in 2003, when I was 17, I spent the summer finishing my OJT in my two-year course. I wanted to work at SJA as a canteen personnel came June so I needed to finish the OJT first. I was positive I would get the job/scholarship. And then in my heart, I knew I could. The heavens poured out this blessing and I was working, got my SSS, when I was 17.

Sometimes, I imagine how it feels to be 17, vacationing in some beach out there, with cliques and social media. Sometimes, I imagine myself being 17 again and enjoying the best time of my life as a teenager. Sometimes, I imagine to be 17 and young and vibrant.

Now, I can only feel I am 17 because the calendar tells another number.


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