Post-evaluation/Sharing of Experiences during the Community Programs

This morning, our dear GAS students shared their experiences in the preparation and implementation of their community program/immersion/outreach and all the thoughts, feelings and insights they learned throughout the whole process. It’s really wonderful to see how these kids fulfill something which only started as a concept paper but later on became a mission for other people. How these kids transformed little by little as responsible, compassionate and worthy individuals through this activity was a very beautiful process. No grade or remuneration in any form can equate this kind of experience!

It was really fulfilling as a teacher to become part of this and we really hope for the best to come to these kids! Congratulations GAS!

2017-03-21 08.07.02

Community Programs by General Academic Strand (GAS) Students

Art Workshop by Beverly Magsumbol, Rejean Hernandez and Lean May Rocha

March 4, 2017, Brgy. Castañas (Sitio Taywanak)


Tree Planting, Coastal Clean-up and Recycling Workshop by Vanessa Mercado, Shara Vergara and Diana Marie Briones

March 4, 2017, Brgy. Talaan Aplaya

Mar 04, 2017 11:39am


Tutorial and Painting Workshop with Zumba by Revelyn Perez, Jhonalyn Laresma and Estifanie Saludez

March 5, 2017, Brgy. Castañas (Sitio Bacungan)


Preparing for Success: A Program to Teach Entrepreneurship among Children by Gemry Gisell Bertumen, Rochel Mendoza and Daisy Sequijor

March 5, 2017, Brgy. Castañas (Sitio Curba)


Knowledge and Happiness through Dancing with God by Danessa Taguitay, Rica Mae Alvarez and Nympha Aera Balanac

March 11, 2017, Brgy. Limbon


Palarong Balibol by Mike Cabaysa and Sherlyn Jane Abadilla

March 11, 2017, Brgy. Castañas (Sitio Bacungan)


Strengthening Faith, Education and Health Program by Karen Salodez, Crispina Robiso and Carla Villano

March 11, 2017, Brgy. Castañas (Sitio Bacungan)


A Poem Writing, Reading and Storytelling Program by Kaye Karla Urquiola, Maica Krizna Canlas and Alyssa Jane Dimapindan

March 12, 2017, Brgy. Castañas


A Way to a Better Health by Rhea Oborza, Ma. Czarina De Chavez and Caila Ibarrola

March 18, 2017, Brgy. Castañas

Mar 18, 2017 9:35am


Giving Care and Teaching to Become Safe by Dave Laracas, Arlyn Arnoco and Jasmin Manalo

March 18, 2017, Brgy. Castañas

Mar 18, 2017 4:49pm


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