Wanted: Donors for LRC/AVR

I am working on a project. This project aims to broaden the perspectives of the learners in different fields as they can explore various learning materials in a place where they can be free to ask and be creative. You might think it’s a library. But I prefer to call it a learning resource center. Plus a flat screen TV and it’s an audio-visual room combined.

But there’s a big problem. I don’t have money for this project. The DepEd fund allotted for Castañas NHS – Senior High School would not be sufficient for the expenses in establishing an audio-visual room and a learning resource center. So, I am writing this to appeal to good-hearted donors out there.

You may donate any amount or anything that can help in building this project. Be it a book, a cabinet, an electric fan, a table, etc. Anything that is from your generous hearts would be appreciated.

If you would contribute some amount, the first thing we would buy is a flat-screen TV. Whether it’s 24 inches which costs almost P10,000.00 or 50 inches which can cost from P25,000.00 to P50,000.00 (SOURCE: http://ph.priceprice.com/tvs/), the viewing experience is far more satisfying than watching from my 15″ laptop screen or the pale view from the old projector of my new co-teacher (peace Sir Paul!).

So why not a projector instead of flat screen TV? The idea here is to fix the equipment on the wall. The more frequent it is carried around, the more it may suffer from damages. And according to my students, they appreciate the color better from my laptop than from a projector.

It has always been my dream to put up a community library or a place where books are read, ideas are shared, dreams are woven. Now that I am teaching in my community, I really want to pursue this mission to help the youngsters build their dreams and ambitions. In this learning resource center/audio-visual room, our students would find a place where they can explore things beyond the ordinary walls of a formal classroom. Here they can be creative, they can think ideas out of the box, they can make a lot of things.

That’s why I write this post. I am looking for donors for this project. And if you’re reading this, I hope you will be the one I am looking for.

Friends, you may contact me personally to chip in your donations. Or you may contact me through my cellphone # (09305797848). If you wish to send in donations through a bank account, this is the joint account we opened for this cause:

Donna C Regulto and Paul Clifford N Marquez


SM Lucena BDO

Thank you for taking time to read this! And THANK YOU IN ADVANCE!


Proposal Page 1

Proposal Page 2

Solicitation letter copy


3 thoughts on “Wanted: Donors for LRC/AVR

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