Extra! Extra! Encounter with Miss Miriam Quiambao

“Ever since I tripped and fell down at the Miss Universe coronation night, God has always been there to pick me up and redeem all the mistakes and falls I’ve made in the hope that it will inspire many to trust that, indeed, God can catch you when you fall.” – Miriam Quiambao Roberto

I have long planned to give myself a birthday treat of visiting the 35th Manila International Book Fair at SMX Mall of Asia, Pasay City. Yesterday, September 20, 2014, I went there nearly lunch time and delighted myself at browsing through the books at the booths of various publication companies such as Shepherd’s Voice, Precious Pages, and Vibal.

Then, I heard a voice over telling that 1999 Miss Universe First Runner Up Miriam Quiambao would be gracing the booth of CSM Publishing (Church Strengthening Ministry, Inc.) at around 1:30 pm. She would launch her first ever book about her life story and would share her inspiring stories in a small talk. I was actually looking for this booth because of their P100 per book promo. Last year, I bought 8 books such as Chinkee Tan’s books and Five Languages of Love for just P100.00 each.

I went straight to the CSM booth to look for more inspirational books. Their effective marketing strategy is Books All You Can for Only P100 Each. I got thrilled once again and looked for some books to buy. Meanwhile, I waited for Miss Miriam Quiambao and her husband, Ardy Roberto to arrive at the book launch area of the booth.

I was remembering where I have read the name of her husband. At last, I got a copy of his book entitled, “Money and Marriage”. This book was a collaboration with his wife, Tingting Roberto, who died last year. I read on the cover that Ardy Roberto is the author of “Ang Pera na Hindi Bitin”, a book on financial literacy. This book which only costs P50.00 is a very practical book on money management and investment. Because of this book which I read in 2013, I got more interested in financial literacy. I loved how this book explained difficult concepts on money very easily in Filipino language. I also learned here how he and his wife started their company, Salt and Light Ventures.

At last, Miss Miriam Quiambao arrived at the booth but without her husband, Ardy Roberto. Before we could have her book signed, of course, we needed to pay for her book, “He Can Catch You When You Fall”, for P100.00 only during this Manila Book Fair. She would launch this book a little while after her talk on how she came up with writing her continuing life story. I got more and more excited while queuing at the cashier area to pay for her book (which would be sold for almost P300.00 in bookstores nationwide).

And then, Miss Miriam was finally introduced by the host. I got my place right in front of the crowd around her. She talked about her life experiences from her rise to fame and fortune after joining Miss Universe 1999 and winning First Runner up to her marriage with an Italian businessman which ended up with divorce and her roller coaster ride into life’s ups and downs in showbiz, real estate investments, and love life. At the core of her struggle to the seemingly insurmountable challenges she encountered in her life was her endless and bottomless pursuit for her self-identity that she lost along the way. After suffering psychological distress and being suicidal for some time, she related that she only found her soul when she found Jesus and recognized Him as her Savior and Protector. (For her complete testimony, check out my youtube account, https://www.youtube.com/titserdonna. I haven’t finished uploading it yet.)

After the talk, the crowd lined up for book signing. At last, I could take a closer look to a beauty queen, to my favorite “Extra! Extra!” host, and to the woman whom I admired because of her wit, her Filipina color and beauty, and her talents in hosting and acting.


She signs my books and smiles for a photo souvenir from a fan. Hihihi.

What was remarkable in her overall personality was the way she smiled. On her book, she related that it was her smile that brought her into joining the Binibining Pilipinas pageant. I like her smile and she generously gave it to all of us there.


She generously smiles for a photo. I am thrilled by her captivating smile, the smile of a true beauty queen.

I almost finished reading the book during my ride home from Manila to Sariaya earlier this morning. I finished it quickly when I arrived home and now I am writing a review. While reading her book, I found myself shedding some tears while reading how she fought and won First Runner Up in the 1999 Miss Universe. I felt how she struggled and really understood what the candidates needed to go through during the competitions. I am fond of watching Miss Universe pageants on TV and reading her account brought me to the back stage of the most prestigious beauty pageant in the world. Another chapter that really took me deeper into her soul was about her failed marriage with a super rich Italian businessman who brought her in the different parts of the world and offered her a very luxurious life every woman dreams of having. Sadly and depressingly, her married life in Hong Kong which she chose at the height of her showbiz career in the Philippines ended in divorce. How depressing this could be that she lost herself and thought of suicide!

The Good Lord Jesus Christ resurrected her from this pit as He put another chance in her career and love life. I could not tell you more about her struggles and how she coped up and was saved in this write up because I want you to buy her book. Find this book at our local book stores and make sure to have a copy! You’re going to read Miriam Quiambao’s soul in this book! Highly recommended for all the women out there indeed!


Her first ever book is very inspiring. Buy your copy now, ladies…and gentlemen.


4 thoughts on “Extra! Extra! Encounter with Miss Miriam Quiambao

  1. thank you, donna, for sharing how you met miriam quiambao at our booth and what you thought of her book. it is so fulfilling to read what actual readers think of the books we publish. i appreciate this very much. salamat!

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